2020 Newborn Mentoring & Workshop Availability


1:1 Hands-On Mentoring

Please inquire below with a date you have in mind and I will work with your schedule.  All hands-on mentoring is 1:1 or 2:1.

Tuition : $2500 ($500 deposit to secure your spot)
Duration : 2 days

  • Limited to 2 attendees.  Includes posing of 4 newborn models using studio light, lunch, post processing, business talk and hands-on posing day 2.
  • All mentoring takes place in my studio just outside of Tulsa, OK.
  • Airport code : TUL
  • Please submit the contact form for additional information

**Mentoring is not available to those that teach or reside/do business within 50 miles of zip code 74134.**

2020 Group Workshops

March 15-16, 2020 – Los Angeles, CA
March 30-31, 2020 – Wayne, PA

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“I was looking at the pictures that we took over the weekend and I just couldn’t stop smiling. Thank you thank you thank you for being an open book while you were here. It was so great to see you affirm what I was doing correct and show me what I could do to make it even better. I always felt like I had the gist of it but I was missing some of the pieces to my puzzle. Thank you for giving me those pieces!! I now feel like I know what I am doing. No more guessing it, and that alone is un-repayable! Last weekend I not only gained a mentor, someone that I can turn to, but a friend! You are an amazing person, and I deeply enjoyed your company both in the studio and while we were out and about!”

“I highly recommend Kristen’s mentoring workshop! She is truly gifted and has such a wealth of knowledge. I was amazed at her patience and ability when working with newborns. She was meticulous! She never gave up on any pose and was so intuitive to each newborn’s needs and understood every little cue. It was amazing to me! Not being a parent myself, I cannot tell you how valuable that type of information has been for me in working with babies! She is an open book to her students & taught me things I didn’t even know I needed! Posing, soothing, working with parents, where to find props and products, processing images, and lots of tips and tricks….priceless! Thank you Kristen!”

“My mentoring session with Kristen Mackey of Son Kissed Photography has been a truly life-changing, awe-inspiring, and a genuine blessing in my career as a photographer. I cannot express it enough how happy I am that I used Kristen as my mentor. Our personalities are very similar and I knew that through our various emails conversations even before the mentoring. Kristen is the real deal and true professional and all around great individual. When I arrived, there was an instant connection; the conversations were constant and the learning was continuous. There were so many ‘awe-ha’ moments! I loved watching her work with the baby, she had this ability to calm the child in a way I’ve never seen before and I stood there in amazement. It was like the baby KNEW it was in good hands. The things I learned from her will forever change the way I take pictures and process images. Because I know more on how to get it right in the camera with newborns, my processing time and the steps I take in Photoshop has DRAMATICALLY decreased! I went in knowing I would learn a lot, but I guess I didn’t expect to leave feeling so confident. To me, being confident in your ability is half the battle.  I know Kristen will remain an inspiration to me and will be a friend for life. Her work is among the best I’ve ever seen and I’m so happy that God led me to her in such a way that has changed me. I have been forever blessed by Kristen and am truly honored to have learned from such a great talent.”

“I left our mentoring session feeling so much more confident in working with newborns.  From how to calm and soothe them, to positioning them safely, transitioning to and from each setup, and perfecting the details – right down to each finger and precious little toe!  As someone who has an established business, I so greatly appreciated your willingness to share your knowledge and enthusiasm for the art (yes art!) of newborn photography.  It can be difficult to find those teachers who are willing to truly share all, but you did so, and with 100% warmth and generosity.  To anyone considering a mentoring session with Kristen, I can’t recommend it enough.  Consider it a very affordable investment in the growth of your business and capabilities as a photographer and business owner.  Newborn photography can be very overwhelming and a bit confusing, but when I left Kristen’s studio, I completely felt like she had provided me with many of the puzzle pieces I had been missing.”