I wanted to start this new series, hopefully a fun series to help keep me accountable to blog.  With life and work this poor thing gets neglected.  If you follow my work on Facebook you know that I post a lot of wrapped baby shots.  That’s because they are my favorite!!  I have found that babies love to be a snuggled up as they were in the womb only a few short weeks before I photographed them.  Looking back over the past couple of months it’s hard to believe I’ve wrapped so many adorable newborn babies!  I try to do something different every session and I feel that I can be most creative when it comes to wrapping; it’s almost a challenge for me and something I look forward to.  I can’t tell you how many HUGE ‘wrapped baby’ canvases we’ve seen go into the homes of these sweet wee ones, what an honor!  Thank you to all of my AMAZING clients that trust me with your precious little ones.