On Sunday, April 1st I boarded a plane to head to Pittsburgh for the next 2.5 days.  I was flying there to mentor a photographer on newborn photography but it turned into so much more than that.  When she booked me late last year she was debating flying to me or me flying to her.  You see, she was pregnant with her 4th baby, a little girl and isn’t too keen on flying anyway.  The thought of me coming after her baby was born made the most sense so we could use her as a model.  About a week before my scheduled departure I emailed her to check in and see how everything was going with the new baby because I was sure she was super busy with 4 little ones.  She emailed back letting me know that things were going well and that they had learned at Mae’s birth that she has Down Syndrome.  Of course they were overjoyed with their new baby but filled with so many emotions at the same time.  This trip was so special to me.  I was able to be there and not only teach but to capture so many adorable memories for her family that they will have forever.  Mae is so precious, so perfect and the most wonderful gift from God.  It is my extreme honor and pleasure to introduce you to Miss Mae.

Julie, I will forever hold this time spent with your family in my heart.  I cannot wait to watch Mae grow through your lens and hear all about the memories that you all will create along the way.

Much love.

The below shot is a composite.  Mom’s hands were underneath Mae, holding her the entire time.  Extensive Photoshop work was necessary to create the image below.