My sisters and I were out shopping last weekend and I came across a decorative table that was on sale.  I said to my younger sister, “Oh my, I could easily get a couple of props out of this!”  She looked at me like I was crazy, ha!  I didn’t end up buying it that day because of the price but the more I thought about it, I have spent close to that on a newborn hat for photography, crazy!  So I went back on Monday and snatched it up.  This project was super easy!  It was already assembled and assembled by the legs screwing in to the top.

1. My husband and I unscrewed the legs and he then removed the screws from the top of the legs (where the legs met the top) with pliers.  I had taken the drawer to Hobby Lobby earlier that day and matched it up perfectly to pull knobs (for drawers). I  think the knobs cost me around $8 for 4 (half off).

2. Next, I hot glued the knobs’ screw and inserted them into the existing holes since the existing holes were quite a bit larger than the screws attached to the knobs.

And that was it, so simple!  I now have 3 props!  I have a darling little bed, a drawer and a prop for older kiddos to sit on and it’s even large enough for a newborn (with hands on baby at all times, of course.)

My results from 2 of the 3 props.  We’ll see if I can use the 3rd prop from this piece of furniture tomorrow. 🙂

I hope you’ve enjoyed this very easy DIY project. :)

As always… enjoy, have fun, and be creative



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