I was going through my prop closet for an upcoming prop sale and came across these Ofelia blankets that I had dyed a while back.  I’m quite addicted to the texture but the color choices are limited in the stores and spring was right around the corner so I wanted something colorful for those spring babies. 🙂

Items needed:

White Ikea Ofelia blanket
5 gallon bucket
Rit dye – you can find this in the laundry detergent section at Walmart or online for many more color options
Rubber gloves


I used the 5 gallon bucket method.  Fill the bucket 3/4 full of hot water.  Drop your dye in the water; the more dye you use the darker the blanket.  I recommend 3/4 of the bottle because it will fade during washing.  Slowly place the blanket into the water, little by little until it is fully saturated.  With gloves on (yes, it will stain and it takes forever to come off your hands and nails, ha!) stir the blanket every 3-5 minutes for 45 minutes.  When removing the blanket I placed the bucket in the bathtub and squeezed the water out of the blanket and then rinse bathtub immediately.  Next, hang your blanket to dry.  I hung mine outside overnight and it was dry the next morning, or you can place in the dryer since we are in the dead of winter. 😉

Washing instruction:

Wash blanket on cold and it will fade a tad.  Just repeat this process again for for the color to remain permanent.

My results:


The colors are endless, be creative and enjoy!

Until next time…

Kristen 🙂