My passion for photography came a little over 4 years ago after the birth of my son.  I had no idea photography would become a full-blown career, nor did I know the industry I would be stepping into.  I quit my full-time job to fulfill my dream of being a stay-at-home-mom to my then 2 year old son and baby girl on the way.  I was blessed beyond belief when my photography career took off.  I’m so thankful to the hundreds that have put their trust in me and the hundreds that have been with me from the beginning.  I’m truly honored.

We all know that social media is a powerful thing, almost too powerful!  And with that comes good and bad.  I love when fellow photographers comment on my photos or pay me a compliment; who doesn’t?  But then there are others that try to bring you down.  At the end of the day the only comments that “really” matter are the comments/compliments from my clients.  Comments like:

“How am I ever going to choose? The photos are all so good! “

“I think you’re pretty incredible!!! Received some really awesome pictures in the mail today…they are SOOOOO perfect. My fam and I just got done drooling over them.”

“One of the most talented people I have ever met.”

“Kristen, I just now got home and looked at all the pictures and we LOVE them. They are perfect, you do an amazing job!! Thank you so much ;)”

“Kristen, I am just starting to appreciate how talented you are! Thank you for the opportunity to work with you! These are very special pix you took of my babies!”

… just to list a few.  Whenever I receive a compliment from a client, I copy and paste it to a Word document so they are always there to remind me why I do what I do.  I do it for my clients and the lifelong memories I am blessed to create for them.  Only my clients know that I spent 5 hours at their newborn session to capture every shot I would have at a smooth flowing 2 hour session.  Only my clients know that I worked over an hour on the 1 pose they really wanted.  Only my clients saw me soothe and love their baby like they were my own.

Unfortunately, there is negativity in the photography industry (as with every industry) and it’s so easy to get caught up in what your peers think.  Make yourself a little brag book compiled of comments and compliments from your clients, because in the end, they are all that matter.

In closing, my passion will never die.  My passion for teaching fellow photographers and photographing expectant mothers, newborns, babies and children will NEVER die.  Anyone that knows me personally know that I pour every ounce of my heart into my craft; whether it be teaching a fellow photographer or photographing a newborn, baby or child.

I saw this quote on a dear friends Facebook wall and it has stuck with me and is a great reminder when I see myself or my peers falling victim to what others think within our industry.

Art has never been a popularity contest.  – James Levine

Such a powerful statement and reminds me daily of my passion to serve my clients.