I thought I’d share how I anchor my props, another SAFETY MUST during your newborn and baby sessions.  The reason for this post today is because I had sweet Campbell in the studio (blog post coming soon) and I noticed right away that he had a very sensitive startle reflex.  Every time I touched him, he would startle.  I recognized this right away, which is key and  I wanted to post this while it was fresh on my mind.  What if Campbell were to startle and topple the bucket over?  With the weights, it wasn’t possible.  And if at all possible, use mom or dad as a spotter in addition to anchoring your props.

During every newborn session I anchor my props.  Why?  Because you can NEVER be too safe!  I purchased a set of ankle weights long ago from Target for $15.00.  I wanted them to be pliable so I could position them nicely into any prop.  Below are a series of images showing the weights anchoring the prop.  If you do this, great.  If you don’t, you should.  Safety is always key.

Final image.


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