I had the honor of flying out to California to teach a fabulous photographer all about newborn photography last weekend.  We had such an amazing time working together and again, I’ve made a lifelong friend.  When mentoring with me it doesn’t stop at the session.  It is my goal to always be there for my mentorees who have invested so much time and trust in me.  And a little secret about these images… they were all shot with studio lights.  Jesica’s studio is amazing!

Jes’s testimonial:

“I was looking at the pictures that we took over the weekend and I just couldn’t stop smiling. Thank you thank you thank you for being an open book while you were here. It was so great to see you affirm what I was doing correct and show me what I could do to make it even better. I always felt like I had the gist of it but I was missing some of the pieces to my puzzle. Thank you for giving me those pieces!! I now feel like I know what I am doing. No more guessing it, and that alone is un-repayable! Last weekend I not only gained a mentor, someone that I can turn to, but a friend! You are an amazing person, and I deeply enjoyed your company both in the studio and while we were out and about!”

And now for the yummy goodness. 🙂