Anyone that knows me will say that newborn photography is my passion. I put every single ounce of my energy, patience and time into a newborn session to ensure that the gallery is full of yummy goodness.  I had the honor to mentor two amazing photographers this past week.  I was a little nervous because I had literally just moved into my new loft studio and had never shot a session there.  My light source is a different direction than my home studio so I was a little nervous.  I had not a single thing to be nervous about… my loft studio gets the most AMAZING light.  It’s so, so gorgeous.

I instantly connected with both of my mentorees (as I always do) and we had 2 full days of playing with newborns.  I had such a great time and feel with my whole heart that they both walked away inspired, confident and motivated.  I can’t wait for my next mentoring session next month. 🙂

Now on to the yummy goodness.  Both models were 10 days old the day we photographed them and both perfect angels.

Testimonial from one of my mentorees:


My mentoring session with Kristen Mackey of Son Kissed Photography has been a truly life-changing, awe-inspiring, and a genuine blessing in my career as a photographer. I cannot express it enough how happy I am that I used Kristen as my mentor. Our personalities are very similar and I knew that through our various emails conversations even before the mentoring. Kristen is the real deal and true professional and all around great individual. When I arrived, there was an instant connection; the conversations were constant and the learning was continuous. There were so many ‘awe-ha’ moments! I loved watching her work with the baby, she had this ability to calm the child in a way I’ve never seen before and I stood there in amazement. It was like the baby KNEW it was in good hands. The things I learned from her will forever change the way I take pictures and process images. Because I know more on how to get it right in the camera with newborns, my processing time and the steps I take in Photoshop has DRAMATICALLY decreased! I went in knowing I would learn a lot, but I guess I didn’t expect to leave feeling so confident. To me, being confident in your ability is half the battle.


I know Kristen will remain an inspiration to me and will be a friend for life. Her work is among the best I’ve ever seen and I’m so happy that God led me to her in such a way that has changed me. I have been forever blessed by Kristen and am truly honored to have learned from such a great talent.



Tulsa Newborn Photography