2019 Newborn Session Information

 2018 Newborn Session Information

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Thank you so much for taking the time to inquire.  Custom newborn photography is like no other type of photography.  It is very special and requires an investment of trust in the person that will be working with your precious new baby.  Your photos will be cherished memories forever and heirlooms to future generations.
I can say without a doubt that working with newborns is my passion.

I am a boutique newborn photographer serving the Tulsa area.  I specialize in custom portraiture of newborns and babies; my studio is located in Owasso, OK.

Careful consideration has been given to price so I am able to offer each and every client the very best customer service, creativity for your session and most importantly, a great experience.

 Please feel free contact our studio at 918-376-5882 if you have any questions at all.

tulsa newborn sibling photographer

     Step 1 : Newborn session retainer paid to secure date.

The Newborn Session Retainer (non-refundable) | $200

Retainer fee is due at the time of booking to reserve your date and is non-refundable.
The retainer does go toward the collection price; collections will be reduced by $200 at final sale.


Guaranteed session
Photographer’s time and creative talent
Styled session by Kristen using colors of your choice
Use of hundreds of props (clothes, buckets, bowls, fresh flowers, etc)
Parent and/or sibling shots with newborn (depending on type of session)
Same day reveal session
Custom editing of images

     Step 2 : Newborn session takes place. Reveal session will take place the same day.
This is when you will view your images and select your collection.

Packaged Collections
parents and/or siblings included if desired

Prices subject to change without notice

{ luxe collection – $1650}

8×8 album – Includes 25 images selected for USB
1 brag book – 6×8 book that includes 25 images selected for USB
25 birth announcements
25 digital images on USB
$200 wall art credit
(Savings of $650)

{ master collection – $1150}

6×8 brag book – Includes 15 images selected for download
15 digital images on USB
11×14 mounted print
(Savings of $125)

{ digital baby – $700 }

10 digital images on USB
Option to purchase additional images for $25 an image

individual prints and products (when purchasing a collection above)
Prices subject to change without notice

{ desk prints }

4×6               $50
5×7               $50
8×10             $50

{ wall prints }

wall prints 11×14 and larger are mounted for support
on a hard backing; great for framing without glass or
displaying on a stand

11×14          $100
12×12          $125
10×20          $150
16×20          $200
16×24          $250
24×36          $350
30×40          $450

{ gallery wraps }

11×14          $200
12×12          $250
10×20          $250
16×20          $300
16×24          $400
24×36          $500
30×40          $600


$250 —  6×8 Brag Book
$700 —  8×8 Album
$800 —  10×10 Album

$75 —  Birth Announcements (Qty 25)
$75  —  Digital Photo App (Apple and Android devices)
$250 — Double Hanging Photoblock
$250 — Accordion Wood Block


tulsa newborn photographer baby girl and dad



BOOKING YOUR SESSION:  The best time to book your newborn session is during your 5th or 6th month of pregnancy (or earlier) to ensure I’m available when your little bundle of joy arrives.  I average 7 sessions a week and my schedule fills up very fast.

The best time to photograph your newborn is between 10-14 days while they are still in that sleepy and curly stage.  After two weeks of age, they tend to be disturbed while sleeping.  They can also become colicky or baby acne can start to flare.

PREPPING FOR YOUR NEWBORN SESSION: I ask that you nurse or feed your baby right before you leave to head my way.  A full baby = a sleepy baby.  🙂  If at all possible try to keep your newborn stimulated a couple of hours prior to our session so he/she will be ready to fall asleep in a cuddly and warm blanket.  The best way to photograph your newborn is in their birthday suit.  Clothes tend to be bulky and awkward.

PROPS: I supply all of the props but I welcome any props you may have.  I am always open to new ideas!  If you see something you like in any of the galleries, be sure to mention it before your session.

EQUIPMENT:  I take pride in my work and only shoot with top of the line equipment.   I currently shoot with a Canon 5D Mark III, 50 1.2L, 100 2.8L and 135 2.0L

TURNAROUND TIME: One week after your session.

tulsa newborn photographer baby girl sleeping

about me:

I have the two best jobs in the world; I am a mother to two beautiful children and I’m blessed to work with babies and children to create lifelong memories.

I graduated college in 2004 with a degree in Business Management.  After graduating, my husband and I moved to Tulsa and I began my career at QuikTrip Corporation where I worked in Human Resources for 5 years.  It was after having my son in 2007 I began my journey in photography.  I was completely inspired by my son; all I wanted was nice pictures of him growing up (hence the name “Son Kissed Photography”).  I started taking photography classes in 2007 and that hobby quickly blossomed into a passion.  My Human Resources background has provided me the skills to communicate effectively with my clients; professionally and rather goofy at times (smile).  I am happiest when I am working with people.

In addition to my full-time career as a custom newborn photographer, I have been teaching fellow newborn photographers from around the world how to properly and safely pose newborns since 2011.  I have been asked to speak both nationally and internationally at several newborn conferences.  I have taught over 1000 photographers and have photographed over 2500 newborns.  I am truly blessed that God has given me this incredible gift.

Achievements and Accolades

2016 The Baby Summit Speaker – USA
2017 Voted Top 21 Tulsa Newborn Photographer – Expertise
2017 Vereinigung Professioneller Kinderfotografen Speaker – Germany
2017 FHOX Speaker – Brazil
2017 The Baby Summit Speaker – Australia
2018 Voted Best Newborn Photography in Oklahoma – Bored Panda
2018 Voted Top 21 Tulsa Newborn Photographer – Expertise
2018 Convencion FDF Infantil Speaker – Spain
2018 Newborn Photography Show Speaker – United Kingdom
2019 Click Family Speaker- India
2019 Les Pros de la Photo Speaker – France

what to expect from me and important information:

Photographing newborns is my passion.  I spend a lot of time getting every little finger and toe positioned perfectly when photographing your little bundle.  First and foremost, it is important to me for your baby look comfortable and peaceful in the photographs and to look like a piece of art.  I do love for my photos to appear timeless but do welcome a splash of trendiness in my work.

When arriving at the studio, be prepared to just sit back and enjoy the session.  I will take over as soon as you arrive, undressing baby and getting him/her used to me.  I will feed baby during the session if you are not opposed to bringing a bottle (expressed breast milk or formula).  If you are exclusively nursing, that is perfectly fine.  We can take as many breaks as we need to keep your newborn calm.  Also, a pacifier is a great way to soothe baby during the session so feel free to bring one if your baby takes one.  Many newborns are gassy; to ease their discomfort I ask that you bring a bottle of gas drops to the session just in case.  Gas drops are safe for the newest of babies.

My studio is kept at 80 degrees to keep baby comfortable for the session as they will be nude for a majority of it.  So feel free to dress in layers or dress light.

I will play white noise during your session to mimic the sounds of the womb.

There will be accidents and I’m perfectly fine with that.  Almost every newborn I photograph does have an accident on my backdrops. I’m not a modest person at all and keep on rolling.  So please don’t worry about that.

Be prepared to spend up to 3 hours at my studio.

newborn photography tulsa baby girl with mom

portions of faq courtesy cb portraits

frequently asked questions:

Q.  There seem to be a lot of photographers who say they “specialize” in newborns. Should I just look for the one with the best prices?
Price is always at the forefront of any consumers mind, but you have to remember the old saying, “You get what you pay for.” Going with the least expensive photographer is not a good way to determine who will take your baby’s portraits. Most often the least expensive photographer is also the least experienced photographer. You have to remember; this photographer will be handling, posing, and soothing your baby. It’s not just about taking the pictures, it’s making sure you are working with someone who a) knows how to appropriately handle newborns in general, b) considers the safety of your baby first and c) will provide you with a beautiful final product.

Q.  What should I look for in a newborn photographer?
The most important thing is for you to look through their portfolio for certain criteria.

1.  The pictures should be classic and timeless in nature.
These portraits will hopefully be an heirloom you will pass on to future generations.  Pictures that show off the latest fads such as vignette, textured backgrounds, and selective coloring (when all of the picture is black and white except for one small part that remains in color) – will look dated in a few years.

2.  The baby should be the focus of the portraits.
When you look through the pictures, ask yourself “What is the first thing I notice?”  Are you marveling at how precious the baby is, or finding yourself distracted amidst scenes of fake flowers, huge headbands, tutus, stuffed animals etc.?

Often, the less “stuff” or props that are in the pictures, the better the photographer is.  They have the ability to skillfully pose your baby so that he/she is the sole focus of your portraits.

3.  The baby should look comfortable, relaxed, and peaceful in the portraits.
As in all portraits, the facial expression is very important.  Newborns are so pliable and can be put into all kinds of amazing positions in their first couple weeks of life.  A skilled photographer will be able to pose the baby tucked with their feet up by their chin, accompanied by a peaceful, sleepy – even sometimes smiling face.

Q. Why do you recommend newborns to be photographed before two weeks of age?
A. Babies older than two weeks of age are alert longer and do not fall into that deep, deep sleep.  Colic may become evident as well as baby acne after the 2 week mark.

Q.  My friend just has some great Christmas pictures done of her family.  She said the photographer does newborns too.  Would she be a good choice?

A. Maybe. Maybe not.  The fact that your friend had a positive experience with this photographer is definitely a plus! However, newborn photography is its own special breed of photography. And it’s not for every photographer. I’ve done every other kind of portraits – kids, families, seniors, weddings – and I can say that, in comparison, newborn photography requires a completely different learning curve and skill set than the other types of photography. The most important thing you can do as a consumer is to look specifically at their newborn portfolio.  Just because someone is an awesome photographer, doesn’t mean they are an awesome “newborn photographer”.

Q. How long have you been photographing newborns?
A. Ten years.  I photographed over 2500 newborns in my career.  I have a lot of experience and patience with babies. My motto is safety first.  I will never put your newborn in an unsafe pose/prop.

Q. What equipment do you use?
A. Canon 5D Mark III, Canon 5D Mark II, 50mm 1.2L, 100mm 2.8L and 24-70 2.8L