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I had the absolute honor of photographing a fellow photographer’s baby girl last month.  They drove down from the St Louis area and I spent two days inside and outside the studio with Tenley.  She was such an amazing sleeper and she let me play as long as I wanted.  I think she loved Adele playing loud in the background. 🙂  I couldn’t pick just a few favorites to share so here is a sampling of what I did over two days.  Tenley’s mom text me when she saw the gallery and said that she was crying tears of joy.  The best compliment I could ever receive.  Thank you, Amy and Zach, for choosing me to capture your family during this very special time.  Much love.

So my new year’s resolution for 2013 was to catch up on blogging.  That was obviously an epic fail considering the last time I blogged was late last year, eek.  But I’m trying so hard to do better and made myself sit down and share a few of precious Alexis’ images from her session.  Mom had mentioned that she was really worried how she was going to do because she had been fussy the day prior.  She had nothing to worry about, Alexis and I became best buds and had a great time together.  She let me just play and play and was such a doll baby.  So here is a peek into her gallery.  Cannot wait to receive her large gallery wraps; I just love seeing images printed big.  Now on to the cuteness.


In the midst of this very busy fall season I wanted to take the time to share a special blog post with you.

For those of you that do not know, late last year I became involved with an amazing ministry here in Tulsa, Crisis Pregnancy Outreach, to provide my services free of charge to newborns placed for adoption.  What a blessing this organization is!  Being able to give my time and create memories for Abigail’s family, along with every other CPO family makes my heart so full.  I am so very blessed to be able to be a tiny part of their story.  Adoption is such a beautiful thing.

You can tell by these photos that Abigail is so very, very loved.

Meet Abigail, her birth mother (on the right) and her adoptive mother (on the left).



  • Stacia

    Totally tearing up with those pictures! I’ve never seen that kind of love and connection between birth and adoptive parent! I’m sure these pictures will be cherished!

  • Wow, Kristen! What a gift to this little angel, and her mommies. Just thinking about the process of adoption- and all that is involved- what an emotional shoot this must’ve been. Beautiful work, as always!!!!

  • Beautiful beautiful job!! As always!!!!

  • Gina N.

    That baby girl will cherish these photos so much someday!!!!! She will see that she was loved doubly from the very start.

I’m not going to lie, I wanted to take Serenity home with me. 😉  She was the BEST little sleeper and so laid back.  Loved every second of working with her.

  • Always enjoy the close ups. Such details. She is so pretty with all that hair 🙂

  • Naja

    OH my goodness is she beautiful!!! I can’t get enough of looking at her!!!

  • Amy K

    Oh my. She is perfect!