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I had the honor and privilege of photographing a fellow photographer and very dear friend.  Chelsea is super crafty and creative and brought lots of props to the session.  We had so much fun, lots of laughs and sweat as the humidity was 100% and temp was nearing 100.  It was well worth it though. 🙂

Just stunning!


  • Thank you so much for your kind words, friend! YOU.ARE.AMAZING!! I knew they’d be great but they turned out even better than I imagined!! I will always treasure them, thank you so much for capturing this special time for us! Can’t wait for her newborn pictures!!!

  • Such a beautiful and creative newborn session! Love the little clothesline.

  • How cute is SHE!! What an adorable pregnant mama, and you captured her beautifully!

Sweet baby Taylor was in the studio yesterday for her newborn session.  She was an alert little baby and took a while to get her to sleep but once she was out I never saw her eyes again.  How pretty is she on yellow!  So many faves from her session. 🙂


  • Lizelle Krige

    OMW, this is gorgeous!! Wish you were in South Africa so that you could do a shoot for us!

  • melida rosser

    Soo soo adorable. I love them all but the smile is precious. What a great photog to have captured these shots. Of course Taylor Ann was very cooperative. I cant wait to get one for my Rosser collection. (shes the 8th) Thanks for sharing! Sita xoxoxo

  • Rene' Weech

    She’s BEAUTIFUL!!
    The poses are adorable, and it looks like she’s a natural model allready!
    Congratulations to you both…what a blessing you have with your beautiful family!
    Love, Aunt Rene’

I love to be inspired and I love to inspire.  I love to learn new things and I love to teach.  I feel so incredibly blessed that fellow photographers are eager to learn from me and I love every second of teaching.  The past two days I have been talking non-stop, cuddling babies and sweating like a pig in my studio.  The cuteness is off the charts with our two little models.  The first day, a handsome 9 day old baby boy and the second day, a beautiful 16 day old baby girl.  We had tons of fun with them. 🙂

Aren’t they precious?! 😀



  • Beautiful work! I would love to mentor with you!

  • Awe … gorgeous! Are you dying your Ofelia blankets, Kristen? I haven’t seen many of the colors you have, before!

Lots of newbies in the studio this week.  First to visit was Miss Elliot.  She has the most gorgeous shade of red hair and was so much fun.  So curly and fun to pose.  If you follow my work then you know that I’m a darker tone kind of girl.  Today I decided to challenge myself and shoot on cream and love how it turned out. 🙂

I have lots to share from her session but here is a tiny peek. 🙂


This headpiece was worn by Elliot’s mom in her wedding.  When she pulled it out today and asked if I could incorporate it, I was more than happy to.  It appears Elliot was happy about it too. 😉