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Happy Birthday, sweet Oliver!  It was so much fun photographing this cake smash session today.  When his mom told me his birthday party was going to be a lumberjack cake smash, I became very excited!  Who doesn’t love buffalo plaid!  Such a cute idea and he didn’t disappoint.  He loved his cake so much and it was everywhere, haha!  He had take a little bath in my sink before heading home.:)  These images were captured in my studio in Owasso, OK.


2016-03-29_0001 copy

A few weeks ago, I traveled to Fort Worth to photograph handsome Griffin.  It’s always an honor to be chosen to capture such a special time but even more so when a fellow newborn photographer hires you.  Griffin is the 11th newborn I’ve traveled out of state to photograph and I have a couple more coming up this year.  Just thinking about that is so surreal and so rewarding.  I am so very grateful.  Photographing a fellow newborn photographer’s newborn is pretty awesome.  I get to go into their studio and play in all of their fun props, something they’re tired of but it’s all new to me so I love bringing things back to life for them.:)  Paige has a beautiful studio space in the heart of Fort Worth and I had an amazing time with her gorgeous family.

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Channing is one and so happy about it!  I have just loved every second of working with her and her sweet family over the past year.  I remember she wasn’t quite into me at her newborn session but as the year passed by, she grew to love me, I just know it. 😉  She loves the camera and the camera loves her back.  I wanted to share a photo of her at her newborn session and then her cake smash session.  She looks so good in pink.:)  And check out her hair, such a beautiful shade of auburn.

695C5547 copy2016-03-24_0006 copy

I have known Farrah’s family for several years as I’ve photographed all three of their girls as newborns, such an honor!!  Farrah’s older sister and my daughter go to gymnastics together and Farrah’s mom and I chatted about the idea of a hospital session, or as some call it, a Fresh 48 session.  A session that takes place in the hospital 48 hours after birth (or close).  Farrah was just about 34 hours old when I met her.  I’m not what you would call a ‘lifestyle’ photographer but I enjoyed this session so much.  It was so different than what I’m used to but it was so awesome.  Holding a fresh, new baby, their wrinkly skin, swollen eyes… there’s nothing quite like it.  They change SO much from the time they enter the world until I see them in my studio (around day 14), it’s incredible!  I’m so glad we decided to do this and document Farrah’s newness and can’t wait to capture more “welcome baby” sessions in the future.  Images captured at St John’s Hospital in Owasso, OK.